About the Campaign

The Campaign for Fair Business Rates is a national campaign launched in spring 2019 to make business rates fairer for everyone.

We are calling for a full HMRC Public Consultation into business rates. We are not asking for a reduction in the amount of tax paid to the Government, we are asking for fairness.

We want the government to look at the following issues:

  • The current system is based on the rateable value of a property – some businesses make no contribution to this tax while others are paying in excess of 10% of gross turnover.
  • The current business rates system has been left behind by the digital economy. Many online businesses do not operate from commercial premises and therefore do not pay business rates under the current system. The recent budget has begun to tackle this, but does not go far enough to create parity.
  • The percentage of turnover online companies generate is not in line with the tax they pay. Because online businesses are not dependent on location and do not need large commercial premises if any at all, the amount they pay in business rates is often disproportionate to their sales and profit.
  • Business rates are a huge factor in the decline of rural, coastal and high street businesses. The rural and coastal economies struggle to compete with online businesses that have a much lower tax profile. We welcome the recent budget measures to support the high street, but again they do not go far enough.

We accept that any new system of business rates needs to raise at least the same amount of money.

We believe all businesses should be part of the business rates system so that the tax burden is shared fairly.

Find out more about the issues behind our campaign on the FAQ page.

We are asking businesses from across the country to get involved and support the campaign. Find out more on our Take Action page.