Campaign for Fair Business Rates

We are calling for a full HMRC Public Consultation into business rates because the current system is deeply flawed.

The growth of the digital economy has transformed the way businesses operate in the UK and across the globe.

The problem is that the business rates system has not kept up with these changes, meaning many ordinary businesses up and down the country are struggling to survive. We have all seen the empty shops and buildings on our high streets and in our rural and coastal towns. The impact on our economic resilience and our ability to thrive and prosper is profound.

Although the recent budget has begun to review this, its measures do not go far enough. We want to make the system a level playing field, standardising rates and criteria.

We accept that the Government needs to raise the revenue currently raised through  business rates. We are not asking for a reduction in the amount of tax paid to the Government, we are asking for a fairer business rates system to be applied across all trading businesses.

This can only be achieved by a comprehensive review of the business rates system.

We want to see the following issues addressed:

  • The way in which digital businesses are assessed for business rates creates a massive, competitive advantage over bricks and mortar businesses.
  • Business rates should be more evenly geared to turnover, profitability and affordability.
  • Business rates are based on the rateable value of a property.
  • The system is overly complex and inconsistent.

You can find out more about business rates and the campaign on the About the Campaign page.

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